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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Planning Ahead

This is the perfect time of the year to get back into the woods and start thinking tree stands! It is never to soon to be getting your stand sites prepped and ready. Was there ever a time on stand that you thought, "If only I was over there 50 yards". Maybe you had some other areas you wanted to explore. This lull time is perfect for making some changes.

The main reason to be in the woods now is that right now the woods still looks like it did in the fall. You have the ability to see it as it will actually be when you hunt. In the past I have prepped stands in mid to late summer thinking I was really going to be hidden well, but after the leaves fell I was sticking out like a sore thumb. I have learned that earlier is better. Like I mentioned, this is as close as you can get for matching the woods conditions. You will be able to see what your stand location will look like from every possible angle. You can see if the natural cover is enough or if you have to add or find a different tree. Plus you can do this without the fear of spooking game or be worried about leaving a ton of scent in the area.

Deer are very keen when it comes to noticing any changes in the woods. If you get out and cut your shooting lanes now the deer will have all summer to get use to any changes. Later in the summer you may have to trim some new growth out of the way, but it will be easier than starting from scratch. Another bonus to this time of year is that it's not to hot yet, and the bugs haven't exploded on the scene, and it's just nice to get into the woods after a long winter. This is something you can bring the whole family to help with.

Everything you do now will put you one step close to the deer of a lifetime!


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