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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Opening Weekend Recap

After working the night shift Friday night, and on 2 hrs sleep, I headed for my stand in Duluth Mn for the city's archery hunt. The weather was perfect! Clear and 55, with only a breath of wind. The stand I was planning on hunting was located next to two apple trees. Things felt like it was going to be a good morning!

I got in my stand about a hour before light and waited. Just before legal shooting time a doe magically appeared next to one of the apple trees. It was still a little early to think of shooting, so I tried not to move. She feed a little and started working her was to my left. Perfect! She stopped 14.5 yards away, perfectly broadside. My arrow flew true, and made a perfect kill shot through the lungs. She ended up running only about 20 yards. A great way to start the season!

The weather had turned south around noon, and by the time I parked to go hunting at 2:20 there was a light rain. So I figured I would wear my camo with rain guard plus to help stay dry. When I reached my stand I re-arranged the stand a bit then settled in for the night. I was in a different tree than the morning, but this stand also had two apple trees near by, with a lot of bedding area near by. My stand also overlooks some open areas.

The rain kept coming down. Finally about 4:30 the rain seemed like it was finally done. By this time I am already soaked, but I started seeing some deer move off in the open areas. About 4:50 I had a feeling that I should look over my left shoulder. I spotted movement in the ticker brush. All I could see was a eye, and 2 legs. That deer stood there for 15 mins before moving out into the open enough to actually see what it was. It turned out to be a 8 pointer, about 10 inches high, and only about 8 wide. The neat part he was still in full velvet!

Once I got a look at him I had no intentions of shooting him, so I just watched him shake the rain off himself and eat apples. It was pretty neat to watch how him threw his head in the air to turn the apples so he could eat them. After about a dozen apples he decided to move on. The whole series of events took about 50 mins.

Meanwhile the rain had started again. A little light fog had blown in off Lake Superior, and I was getting down right cold. It seemed whenever the rain would let up the wind would kick up. It was one of those situations where I knew I should just head for home, but the other part of me said to stay! So that's what I did, toughed it out. I am not sure why my camo wasn't repelling the rain, but I was soaked to the bone! The only thing I saw the rest of the evening anywhere was a big fat skunk! So as darkness fell, I headed home...skunked!

Sunday morning found me perched in a natural funnel. Everything seemed to be perfect, light winds and 55. The only problem was that no one told the deer that it was a perfect morning. The only thing to keep me company was a few red squirrels. So about 9 a.m. I headed in for some breakfast!

As I type this the rain has settled in again, so I don't think I will be sitting tonight. I may have to talk to the gang at and buy some new rain gear if this weather keeps up!


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