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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Success Last Weekend 10-19-08

Last Sat. morning I climbed into my stand above the apple trees around 6:10 a.m. it was a great morning, not much wind and cool temps. By 6:20 I could make out a deer that had worked it's way in for some morning apples. It was to dark to make out what it was. I could just see it was a deer. It ate for about 15 minutes, but then wondered off before I could see what it was. The rest of the morning didn't produce any action. So I got down and went and scouted and hung another stand on some private land I can hunt.

That afternoon the winds picked up big time but I was perched in my other stand up the hill a bit, more on a ridge. The apples from these trees were all but gone. About 2:15 I had 2 fawns work through, but then it was very quite until just before dark. I looked over to my left just in time to see a 8 pointer walk out from the brush. He was as wide as his ears, but his tines were only about 4-5 inches long, so I decided to let him keep on his way. He walked directly down wind of me and didn't seem to pick up on the fact that I was only 20 yards away from him! He went straight to the apple tree and did manage to find a few stray apples but left within 5 mins. I did have one other doe come by shortly after he left.

Sunday morning came and I barely wanted to get out of bed because the wind was howling went I went to sleep. I did manage to force myself out from the covers. I went to the stand I had hit the morning before. I was in the stand by 6:10 and to my delight there wasn't much wind at all. All was pretty quite until around 7:50 when I spotted a doe headed my way. There is some open field around my patch of cover, so I saw her before she came into my area.

I decided I want to try to harvest her, so I grabbed my bow and got ready. I figured she would feed the same as the one the day before had, and the ground was trampled where they had been feeding. For about 10 minutes it was pretty intense, mostly for me, but she was a bit nervous too. There were a few times I thought she would give me a shot, then she would lift her head or turn goofy. Finally she was moving from left to right, and broadside. Her head went behind the apple tree, so I drew. There was a "Y" in the apple tree that I knew I could shoot through, so I waited until her vitals entered that shooting area. I let the arrow fly, she kicked and ran off about 50 yards and looked back for a minute before she disappeared.

After about 10 mins I had to get down and look at the arrow. That when things got a bit more interesting. It looked like there was lard smeared on the arrow mixed with blood. I got a hold of my friend Lorin and he said that maybe I had hit the brisket area. I looked at way she took off and there was good blood, but I backed out anyway. I didn't know it at the time, but I had hit a twig best I can figure out and it deflected my arrow a bit. More on that in a bit.

About a hour and a half later I was on the blood trail, after about 75 yards the blood was getting less. As I was searching for the next drop of blood she jumped up 15 yards ahead of me! That wasn't what I wanted to happen at all. It didn't sound like she went very far, but again, I backed out. I headed to Lorin's place to wait til after the Vikes game to start looking again.

Lorin and I picked up where she had jumped and within 20 yards, about where I heard her stop, she laid expired. When I hit the twig it must have sent the arrow towards her rear end, or maybe she stepped at the sound of the arrow. Either way I hit her back. I hit the artery and exited ahead of the hind leg. I did work out in the end, but it's a bad feeling to have a deer jump up when it should be dead! Thanks to Lorin for helping me track and drag out my doe!


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