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Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Success!

I had today off from work and after hunting both Sat. and Sunday, I was down to my last chance for awhile and time to pull out all the stops. Today I was bring my buck decoy out to play! Boy was it a interesting day!
After getting the deke set up I crawled into my stand and was settled by 5:50. Just at daylight I heard something moving up the hill a bit. All of a sudden I catch movement headed my way. I was pretty upset when it turned out to be a fellow hunter. As he got closer he spotted my decoy, and wouldn't you know it he pulled up his crossbow and shot at my decoy! I couldn't believe this. Lucky for him he missed and missed me! In the Duluth city hunt you are not allowed to do any hunting from the ground. Plus this guy tried to punch a shot threw thick cover, and all he had to aim at was the butt end of my decoy. He didn't even apologize!

After he left I figured it would be a slow morning since he headed off the way most of the deer come from in the morning. About 9:30 I had only seen one deer in my area and was getting ready to pull the pin, when I noticed a deer about 250 yards down the hill. I grabbed my binos and it looked like the 8 that gave me the slip on Sat. When I saw him he looked to be making a scrape, so I grabbed the grunt call and let him have it. I thought I noticed him look my way so I thought there was hope. A friend and I had watched a Roger Raglin show just the night before where he said if that deer is out there, keep calling until you know he hears you, that just what I did. I even threw in a snort/wheeze or two for good measure!

He started working his way to my right through a thick area of cover, so I called so more until I could see him again. When he showed up again he was about 200 yards straight down hill of me. He started heading my way! When he reached the hill to start making his way up to me a doe appeared behind him. Thinking I was going to lose him I started grunting again. Lucky for me he left her and headed towards me. Now he quickly headed up the hill, and when he reached about 60 yards I thought maybe he could see my decoy. I don't think he did since he headed into some brush and started beating it up. Now he was heading towards the apple tree on the down hill side of my stand. I was waiting for him to hit that same 2 foot gap that I had on Sat. to try to shoot threw. He ended up cutting inside, closer to me, about 20 yards. I had some brush in my way, but I thought maybe I could make the shot. Well, I was wrong, I hit brush, clean miss. He jumped out about 20 yards. I thought what the heck and started to grunt a few times. I couldn't believe it when he turned back towards me. I quickly nocked another arrow. the problem was that I was facing my tree, but on the left side, and he was coming towards my right. Now he was 15 feet away from the base of my tree and totally locked into the decoy.

I turned my neck to barely see him standing there looking towards the decoy. When he started walking again I quickly turned around. He was at 10 yards when I drew again. I wanted him to take another step since I worried about another twig. When I drew he must have heard something and looked over his shoulder up at me. That was all the time I was going to give him. I aimed just behind his far shoulder and let it fly! I knew instantly that I had a good hit on him. As he lit out over the hill I could hear him crash, so i knew the buck was mine!

I called my friend Lorin who came down to help me drag. When we got on the blood trail Lorin happened to find the crossbow bolt, but no where near where the guy was aiming. It was 20 yards to the left. It had hit brush and deflected. I was really happy it didn't go to the right, and towards me. After a short blood trail Lorin spotted my buck. He had only gone about 80 yrds.
He is a 8 pointer 5X3, we figured him at 2 1/2 and about 170 lbs. Sure it is nice to get one for the wall, but I am very happy to have this buck in the freezer! Thanks for your help Lorin!


Blogger Scott Gingerich said...

Congratulations Adam! Nice buck

November 22, 2008 at 5:19 PM  

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