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Saturday, November 8, 2008


Last weekend it was sunny and warm. I headed to a new stand site. I figured the deer may move late because of the nice weather. I was right! The 1st movement I saw didn't happen til right at dark. I heard something behind me, and at first I thought it was another red squirrel. I looked back anyway only to see a doe at 20 yards and closing. As I turned to grab my bow, my hunting vest snagged on some of the bark on the tree. I thought that doe was going to lose her mind! She took off snorting like crazy. I really don't think she knew what happened just that it freaked her out. It wasn't until I snort/wheezed that she shut up and went on her way.

As I was waiting for her to leave so I could get down I could hear a deer moving my way in the crunchy leaves. As I waited in the near darkness, this deer walk within 4 inches of my stand. As hard as I looked I could make out any antlers. When the deer reached the trail I walked in on he sniffed and started grunting. As I waited for him to clear the area I heard another deer headed my way. I could follow the sound and see a form heading towards my location. This deer didn't come as close to my stand but within 8 yards. She hit my trail a bit farther back than the buck. When she did she started bleating. As I waited for her to depart I heard something strange. She was coming back! As she got closer I could make out a body below my stand. She ended up making a "U" around the base of my tree. She never stopped, never made an alarm or seemed nervous. She just kept walking on the path she had started on. I finally got down at 6pm when it was dark at 5:15. That was the longest I have ever been "pinned" in a tree. It was fun but I wish it could have happened during daylight hours!


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