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Monday, November 16, 2009

Harvested a Nice Doe!

I was hunting pretty much this whole last week. Wednesday was particularly interesting. I climbed into the stand about a hour before sunrise. The first hour or so I heard some deer moving about the area but hadn't seen anything. Then about 8 a.m. I heard something behind me. I could see in the brush that it was a buck. I really couldn't see how big he was. All of a sudden a doe comes busting out of the brush and runs to 12 yds in front of my stand. The buck follow of course but he was behind me. It turned out he was a nice 8 pointer with a chocolate rack. He was out just past his ears and had decent tine length. As they stood there we all heard another deer heading our way. The 8 pointer headed to cut him off at the pass. His hair bristled up and he ended up running off the buck about 80 yds out. The other buck looked to be nice sized also, but I really couldn't see him to well. In the meantime the doe laid down where she had stopped. She was watching the show as I was with her head facing away from me. As I watched the buck in action, I got to looking at the doe and noticed a hole in the brush I thought I could get a arrow into. It didn't seem like the buck was coming back anytime soon, so I planned my move. Being 20ft up a tree she looked to be a yearling. I drew back and buried the pin where I thought I needed to go. I let it fly! The arrow hit just off to the side of her spine.

She jumped up and took off. The buck rejoined her in a instant. She went about 50 yds and with my bino's I could see she laid down but her head was up. As the buck came closer she got up and went another 20 yds, behind some trees. I kept watching but never saw her leave the trees. After a few minutes I noticed the buck walking over to where I last saw the doe with his head on the ground almost nudging. At this point I figured the doe had expired. After another 10 minutes the buck had walked off and I climbed down to check on my doe.

I snuck over to her with a arrow ready, just in case. She was expired. As I stood there looking at her I heard a deer. Sure enough it was the 8 pointer about 60 yds out. At one point he was 50 yds with nothing in the way but I told myself no! Now I figured this doe was really close to being ready the way he was guarding her, so I drug her back to the stand and put her 10 yrds in front of my stand. I climbed back into the tree and was catching my breath when I looked over to were I had just drug her and there was a small buck looking at us. The next 20 minutes I had 2 other small bucks do the same thing. Within the hour my plan almost worked out to perfection. The large 8 was walking about 60 yds out when he got the does wind. He came to 13yds but all the trees were small in diameter so I couldn't get drawn without him seeing me. Finally he turned his head away and I was at full draw. Wouldn't you know he turned straight away from me and walked off. Foiled again! About 1pm I had 5 does, a small 8, and a fork all around my tree. Some of the does were really wondering why that doe wasn't getting up to join them.

I waited as long as I dare let the doe lay before climbing down to take care of her. I called a friend to help me drag and when we got back in to get her a deer jumped out from in front of my stand. We couldn't tell if it was him or not. She turned out to be a very nice sized doe, my guess was around 110 lbs. I was very happy to have harvested her.

A few other cool things from this past week... I had a different 8 pointer with a doe Thursday morning come through the area. He was as wide as his ears and pretty tall with decent mass, but he had a broken G2 on his left side. For that reason alone I decided I wasn't going to try and take him if he offered a shot. He never did offer me a shot though! All in all it was a great week of hunting!


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