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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Opening Day

Yesterday was the day most of us think about for 9 months of the year. The open of bow season! As many of my fellow archers in Mn, I had to be on stand about a hr before day break. It was a cool 39 degrees when I left the truck. I was back in my happy place...a tree stand! As the dawn approached the critters of the woods started waking for the day. Red squirrels, busied themselves gathering acorns, and chickadees filled the air.

The wind wasn't quite what the weatherman said it was going to be. They had said West, but it turned out to be more NE at daybreak. About 7:15 I heard the unmistakeable sound of a deer coming towards me. I saw a patch of brown threw all the leaves, but it was a deer. Then I thought I heard it start stomping it's foot. It blew twice, but not in the real alarming volume. I was confused by this since the deer was up wind of me. Then nothing. A few minutes later I heard something off to my left, kind of down wind, but not straight down wind of me. It blew a few times and wandered off. It was a strange morning.
After I got down for the morning I grab the card out of my trail camera. After review, I really hope it wasn't the buck on the card! Have a great season everybody!


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