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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Double Doe Morning!

When I hit the woods this morning in Duluth, the temp was around 34 and it was partly cloudy. I didn't have to wait long, just after legal time I heard something coming my way. I grabbed my bow and got ready. The does approached on my right side, and actually the 1st on of the 2 got by my opening before I got drawn. By the time I was at full draw she was behind some brush, so I waited for the second. She hit the opening at 23 yds I made a little bleat, settled the pin and let it fly! A touch forward I thought, but she tipped over about 50ft away. Nice!

I didn't see where the other doe jumped off to, but I grabbed another arrow, and my can call. I tipped it a few times to see if I could get her to come back. She was out about 30 yrds, and I needed a few more feet and I could have shot again. Instead of walking straight, she turn towards the fallen one. She ended up wandering off.

About a hour later I heard something crunch behind me to my right. I looked and saw that doe coming back! I turned, grabbed my bow, turned back, pulled back and let 'er fly! Perfect shot at 13 yds! I should say it where it went in I thought was the perfect shot. The exit hole was just in front of the far shoulder. I learned later while field dressing her, that the arrow had gone clean through the heart, and the 1st deer had clipped the very top of the heart. So all in all, I guess, they were great shots! The 2nd deer made it about 75 yds.

It was very awesome to harvest 2 deer in basically 2 hrs in the stand, but I must admit, 2 deer is a heck of a lot of work by yourself! I used a 2 wheeled cart to help me. I loaded them both up, strapped them down and went. I knew if I did them separate, I wouldn't want to go back for the second! haha It was all or nothing! I did the best I could with the tripod! Now to search for the big guy!


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