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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Past 3 Day

I just got back from spending the last 3 days in Duluth, Mn. Tues. was actually my best day for seeing deer. I think I saw around 10 total for a all day sit. Only 2 were withing range. I had 4 younger bucks kind of cruising the area. I did see a doe, but she still had her young with her. So I am not sure that the rut is in full swing. The biggest buck I saw was a 2 1/2 year old 10 pt. At one point he was within 10 yds of the stand. I know some may say why didn't you shoot, but really he was only a bit bigger than a basket rack. He will be a nice one next year. Plus I know there are a lot bigger ones in the area. The other buck in range was a younger 8 pt. Tuesday a lot of the movement I saw was between 2 -4. The last 2 hrs before dark I saw nothing. I climber down in the dark and wouldn't ya know as soon as my feet hit the ground I heard crunch, crunch, crunch! I just stood still until it passed by!

Other than Tues, my action went down each day. Wed. I saw that 10 again about 40yds out, and something at 1st light and that was it. Yesterday morning I had at least 2 around my stand 40 mins. before it was light, and then nothing. I think the wind didn't help at all for me. It was really blowing those last 2 days. Over all, I didn't really see much sign of the rut kicking in. I was a bit disappointed. I am going to go back 1st part of next week and try again! I know last year my best day for seeing rutting activity was Nov. 11th, so I am hoping for a good week!


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