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Sunday, November 6, 2011

November is Here!

I made it out yesterday morning with high hopes of seeing evidence that the rut was cranking up. I hit my stand a hour before shooting light. It was a cool 39 degrees, but it was a little on the windy side from the south. About a 1/2 hr into the sit I heard something trotting towards me. I tried best I could to make out anything, but I never did get a look. It didn't sound to heavy as it ran by.

Around 9:30 I happened to look out about 60yds to catch a glimpse of a buck. Unfortunately he wasn't coming my way. I tried grunting a bit, but he wasn't interested. About 10 mins later I saw a buck come from the way the other had gone. I am not sure if it was the same deer or not, but he just moved off too. I hunted until 11:30 or so, but the wind had really picked up and I had to head home anyway.

I am hoping to finally have more time to hunt this week, and I think the rut activity will increase this week. Now I just have to hope work agrees that I need to be in the woods more! ;-)

The hit list buck is hopefully staying away from the rifle hunters, as that season opened yesterday.

Good luck in the woods.


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